Dance inspirator – A leadership training who's time has come

Freeing Dance in mindfulness is:

  • free movement without performance with attention directed to the experience of the body
  • development of the body and emotional intelligence
  • meditation in motion that activates the life energy and help you to experience the inner serenity
  • a way to strengthen your self-awareness
  • a method of lowering the level of stress
  • exercise for body and soul

The method can be used within the, health- care, Schools and private courses - depending on your background and orientation.

Leadership Training content

The program comprises five stages with different themes divided about 9 months. Each course is 4-5 days at boarding school. For short presentation of the 5 modules click on the headlines.

Step 1: Body Dance and The 7 Operating Rhythms

Whatever you do in life, it is important to be close to your internal forces. Then you can also give the best of yourself to the world.
Education consistent theme is focused on your personal development - a journey of discovery of the body and soul. Using Body dance raise awareness to the body wisdom, desire and resistance.
From 7 Operating rhythms help you clarify your feelings, explores the limits and free your kinetic energy. The dance interspersed with relaxation and communication exercises. We practice accepting ourselves as we are - the prerequisite for all development.
Body Dance and The 7 Operating rhythms characterize the entire education in varied exercises. Moreover, each step of another color theme.

Step 2: Life-giving breathing

Breathing is the main interface between body and mind and an important part of the Release Dance. We study the exercises that help us to a relaxed, natural breathing. This reduces fatigue and stress - the stress level decreases and increases vitality.

Step 3: The art of listening

With dance exercises inspired by contact improvisation, we practice to listen and to know others, while we follow their own impulses and clarify integrity. We practice the transparency which is important in all social communication.

Step 4: Energy and thoughts

We explore the body's different energy centers through dance and founding exercises that clarify how our thoughts affect our health and quality of life.

Step 5: ritual theater

Through dance explored ingrained behavior, thought- and emotional patterns that prevent us from being our full force. The Ritual theater is a method that helps us to highlight limitations in the light of consciousness and converts them to liberating insight.

Training includes:

  • leadership Exercises
  • methodological
  • educational counseling
  • therapeutic counseling
  • just yoga
  • Literature - Theory and Practice »More Info

Leadership trainers

anne Grundel
Anne Grundel - more Info

Before looking into leadership training you must have participated in at least one open course led by Anne Grundelsgården, Mimmi Tollerup, Frida Grundel or one of the certified dance inspirers who are educated at the Liberating Dance Academy. These are available in several locations in Sweden.
Search Creative Dance Association's website and contact any of the inspirers to inform you if her / his course are eligible for the diploma.


If you want to become a certified dance inspirator, which you do not need to decide in advance, are you going to have:

  • Participated in at least two open courses led by Anne, Mimmi or Frida (including one before the start of the course)
    Alternatively: Participated in courses with other certified dance inspirers (of a total of approx 14 hours)
  • Performed leadership test where practice and theory are recognized
  • Taking note of the literature
  • Paid entire education

You can after training to become a member of Creative Dance Association The association acts as a network for marketing and development for those who completed management training, regardless diploma.

If you want to dance with coaches who are trained at the Creative Dance Academy - Search

Leadership training started 1995 Anne Grundelsgården and is currently on the farm Sundborn in Dalarna near Falun.


Currently (september 2021) exact dates have not been set yet, because of the pandemic. Dock siktar vi på att starta utbildningen vårterminen 2022. Dates will come up here as soon as it is decided.
Thursdays. 16.30 - Sundays. 14.30. Obs: Step 4 and 5 begins Wednesdays.

The Center Sundborn farm, Sundborn (12 km from Falun)
OBS: with reservation for change of location, time and number of participants due to Covid 19

course fee:
30 000 kr + 25% moms (37.500 kr) for individuals and small businesses. larger companies, institutions and municipalities 40 000 kr + 25% moms. You can also pay the agreed payment plan (see below).
Kost & Log:
Full board with vegetarian food - even fish for those who want.
675 SEK / day, single room 825 SEK / day (prices subject to change)
Each course counts as 3 days NOTE! step 4 and 5 = 4 day
18 participant, with reservation for changes.
Notifications are considered in the order they come in.
Your application is not binding until you have paid the fee 4 000 $ to:
PG 6489809-1 Creative Dance Academy.
interest (PDF)
interest (Word)
Welcome to call Lisa Hjulström, contact at Creative Dance Academy
Tel: 070-604 76 69 eller e-post:

iNSTALLMENT PLAN Creative Dance Academy PG 64 89 809-1

excl. registration fee 4000 kr

9 500 kr later 10 days before step 1

6 000 kr later 10 days before step 2

6 000 kr later 10 days before step 3

6 000 kr later 10 days before step 4

6 000 kr later 10 days before step 5

Registration fee will be: 750 kr