Reading List

Required books:

Anne Grundel Freeing Dance in mindfulness – what actually happens?
Gabrielle Roth Operating healing power (out of print but available in libraries)
Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks The body's own intelligence (This book is unfortunately out of print, but can be borrowed at the library, and maybe you can find it on the antiquarian).
Helen Gamborg The invisible in healing
Caroline Myss Someone's anatomy
Anodea Judith Chakra Seven Keys to healing the energy body
Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now



Jon Kabat-Zinn Wherever you go, you are there - mindfulness in everyday life
Åsa Nilsonne Mindulness brain
Maria Paijkull The mob within us
Piero Ferruci Be who you are
Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg Peace and touch
Christina doctor The road to health - the best of the West and the largest of the East
Shakti Gawain To live in the light
Solveig Böhle The body mins you want to forget
Susanna Debbie Ford Hug your shadow
I had time to Sanna The self-healing humans
Deepak Chopra The power of freedom and grace
Hariett Goldhor Lerner women's anger
Christopher S Kilham De fem tibetanerna
Gabrielle Roth Free your mind

To become certified are required to read and write down your reaction to at least 8 books. Of these, 5 mandatory. It remains, therefore at least 3 books of your choice under the heading Recommended.


Further readings:

Bojner Horwitz, E. (2004). Dance/movement therapy in fibromyalgia patients: aspects andconsequences of verbal, visual and hormonal analyses. University of Uppsala, 2004.
Available at:

And Jejong, Hong SC. (2005). Dance movement therapy improves emotional responses and modulates neurohormones in adolecents with mild depression. Intern. J. Neuroscience: 2005:115:1711-20

Thornberg, K., Lindquist, I., Josephsson, S. (2012). Experiences of healthy elderly participating in a creative dance workshop. Advances in Physiotherapy, 2012; 14: 71–77

Sturm, I., Baak, J., Storek, B., Traore, A., Tuss-Patience, P. (2014). Effect of dance on cancer-related fatigue and quality of life. Support Care Cancer, 22:2241-2249.

Sigurdson, Ola (red). Culture and Health, added perspective. 2014.
Available for download at:

The literature list can be extended during training.

Nice reading!