Open courses with theme: Mindfulness and Freeing Dance

Open courses with theme: Mindfulness and Freeing Dance

Mindfulness is to be consciously present in body and soul - to observe and identify how it feels to be you - right now.
One way to achieve inner peace, which is also the foundation for peace with yourself and the outside world.
Using dance, go exploring in body and mind and listen to what happens, follow the impulses of the body's own intelligence - free in rhythm and movements. No demands or "musts".
The presence, breathing and the free movement releases tension, release life energy and develop your intuitive abilities.
Dancing interspersed with relaxation and communication exercises that responds to the needs of the group.


Course Content

  • Body Dance - a heating method
  • 7 Operating Rhythms
  • Relaxation and meditation
  • Visualiseringsövningar
  • Voice - and sensory exercises
  • communication Exercises

the Yodafestival, Stockholm 4-5 nov


STOCKHOLM 14 January 2018

Time: 14 January at: 9:30-17
Place: Marikas Dance, Döbelnsgatan 56, central Stockholm
Kurskostnad: 950kr (incl. anm. fee and VAT).
Course leader: Anne Grundel.
Registration and info: 450 kr Lisa Hjulström PG 33 34 10-9 Wheelstream.
Tel: 070-604 76 69, e-post:

GYSINGE, Pro's college 30 April-May 4

Time: Monday 30 april kl. 12 (lunch) – 4 May 12:30
Place: Gysinge Manor, Gysinge (near Sandviken)
Cost: The course is free, costs&Accommodation see website Pro's.
Information & notification:
Leader: Anne Grundel and Aiva Susanne Keldsen
(Obs! one must either be a pensioner or a member of PRO to participate in the course.)

Summer in Småland 2018

Place: Mundekulla study center at Långasjö, near Emmaboda.
Time: Friday 6 July at. 16.00 - from Monday 9 July at. 14.30
Leader: Anne Grundel
Kurskostnad: 2.800 kr
Board and lodging: from 1.900 kr - 3.100 SEK for the entire course (with reservation for changes)
Registration and information: Registration fee 1.300 $ to 3248 0003574 Ann Sjöling.
Contact Ann Sjöling information.
Tel: 0708 - 865 765
More info about Mundekulla:


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