Open courses with theme: Mindfulness and Freeing Dance

Mindfulness is to be consciously present in body and soul - to observe and identify how it feels to be you - right now.
One way to achieve inner peace, which is also the foundation for peace with yourself and the outside world.
Using dance, go exploring in body and mind and listen to what happens, follow the impulses of the body's own intelligence - free in rhythm and movements. No demands or "musts".
The presence, breathing and the free movement releases tension, release life energy and develop your intuitive abilities.
Dancing interspersed with relaxation and communication exercises that responds to the needs of the group.

Course Content

  • Body Dance - a heating method
  • 7 Operating Rhythms
  • Relaxation and meditation
  • Visualiseringsövningar
  • Voice - and sensory exercises
  • communication Exercises

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MUNDEKULLA 8 - 11 July

Place: Mundekulla study center at Långasjö, close to Emmaboda (Småland)
Time: Thursday 8 July at. 14.00 - Sunday 11 July. at. 14.00
Leader: Anne Grundel & Frida Grundel
Kurskostnad: 3.200 kr
Maximum number of participants: 35 people
Registration: The course can be booked from 1 mars 2021. You book by registering with Ann Sjöling.
Here you also announce the type of accommodation you want. This is what you do
Then you pay the registration fee, 1200 SEK to Frida Grundel.
Commercial banks. Clearing: 6126 account number: 196572398, OBS write your name on the payment.
Or Swisha: 070-1104128.
Information: Frida Grundelsgården:
Accommodation: From 2.250 - 3.500 kr.
For info on different types of accommodation and its prices, as well as details about the food see: Mundekulla Kost & Logi
Mat: Mundekulla serves organic, vegetarian food.
Registration: The course can be booked from 1 mars 2021 I know: Registration & Payment
Information: Frida Grundelsgården:

More about the course yard Mundekulla:


With one Sunday in each summer month, we present the leaders at the new leadership training at the Liberating Dance Academy; Mimmi Tollerup, Frida Grundel and Anne Grundel. The three courses are independent of each other, it is okay to go one or more.

Place: Folkets Hus dance floor in Stjärnsund, southern Dalarna, close to Hedemora (Netherlands). The dance floor is beautifully and securely located with a view of the vast lake Grycken. Close to beach and jetty.
date: Sundays 13 June, 18 July, 15 August.
Time: Kl. 11-17 with lunch break 13.00-14.00
Leader: Anne Grundel, Frida Grundel and Mimmi Tollerup
Max participants: 20 people. Plenty of space and great dance course. We follow the current pandemic restrictions.
Registration and info: Tel: 0701 – 10 41 28
Cost: 850 kr (incl. moms) per course. Pays to: Frida Grundelsgården, Commercial banks: clearing: 6126 Account no:196 572 398
Or Swisha: 070-110 41 28 OBS write your name and the course date on the payment.

Mat: Bring your own lunch bag and water bottle. If dinner is desired after the end of the course, it is possible to do so either at Stjärnsund's manor or Café Sundets Stjärna or the local Grill.
Overnight stay: If you want to stay over in connection with the course, there is plenty of space to camp at Folkets hus, with access to toilet. There is also the possibility of AirB & B and hostels. Feel free to be out well in advance if you want to rent a room.

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More information about leadership training:

Open classes led by certified motivators trained by Anne Grundelsgården and active in Creative Dance Association are spread throughout the country. You can find them on the Association's website:

Warm welcome!