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new book:
Creative Dance in mindfulness - What is actually happening?

When the Release Dance listens home to the body, it is not primarily the intellect you use. With the help of the movements follow the impulses of the body's intelligence. You develop your body awareness and your intuition - Emotional Intelligence - and strengthen the experience of the present moment force.

The book consists of two parts. In the first telling Anne Grundel of dance fitness method, and gives examples of how a dance class can be designed.

The second part tells physiotherapists, teachers and researchers about how dance is used in various fields, and about our need for dance - now and in the future.

dance breathe - Inspiration Film ... Now half price!


Live Recorded movie with music in several different styles.
The DVD features guided to dance through various body parts, from 7 Movement and relaxation rhythms.
Dance Inspirer Anne Grundelsgården.
Total playing time: 51 minutes.
DVD: 90 kr (All prices include. shipping)

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Samples from the movie Dance Breathe

Anne has released two instructional CD

Senses dance"With specially composed music by Ale Möller, composer and musician with roots in folk music. The album is a journey of discovery through the various body parts on 45 my - with and without instructions.


Total playing time: 76 min.
CD: 190 kr

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Dance with Life"With specially composed music by Lars Beijbom, composer and percussionist. This CD consists of 3 dance, with and without instructions.

Total playing time: 73 min.
CD: 190 kr

Dance with Life"Is also available in the English version -"Dance your life

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first book: Freeing dance - exercise for body and soul

The book was published in its second edition in October 1998 and are available at the library.