What is Creative Dance in mindfulness?

The body would love to move and it has endless possibilities! In our everyday lives we move However, within the severe constraints: We sit in front of the TV, in the car, on the bus. Our work does not usually require many varied movements. Therefore, our patterns of movement restricted. In the Release Dance we listen inwards and brings out the movements that we do not usually do. we turn a blind eye, or half-closed eyes to shut out the outside world and concentrate on ourselves. We let the body get express the moods, feelings and images contained within the. No demands. No firm step. No right or wrong. We let go of beliefs and inhibitions that hinder the body's original desire to move and let the music inspire us. Music from different cultures and eras.

Force of habit body remembers. It hides the experiences that influenced us, but we have forgotten or repressed. Or remember - for example, unprocessed grief, peace, disappointment, jealous, stress, etc.. As a rule, we carry on many raw emotions and experiences. These can create tensions, pain and blockages - both physically, physically and mentally. As our body has a limited movement patterns, so moves our thoughts in limited courses. Force of habit limit our opportunities for freer thinking and a more mobile life. When we dance moves us in ways we do not usually, we open the energy flows. Blocked, "Sleeping" energy in motion. What happens is, of course, individually, but here are some examples.

  • The presence of the body and present strengthens body awareness and self-esteem. Zest for life and general improved health.
  • Inhibitions can drop and your personal luminosity becomes stronger.
  • Creativity awakens to new life and the strengthening of the power and joy of life.
  • The thoughts become clearer and you learn to set clear boundaries.
  • You get closer to your emotional life and dare allow and express your feelings. You feel more alive and perform better at work and at leisure.

transform emotions Everyone can dance. Even if you feel stiff and aching broken, physically, You can dance releasing dance. You force yourself not on your possible pain, but practice in accepting limitations. You massage the tension / pain with loving movements and giving yourself an inner massage. With the Release Dance in mindfulness, you can also transform emotions - convert them. Next time you are angry or frustrated: Put on some music and dance your emotions! After a while, you feel completely different. relieved, Maybe t o m happy and powerful. If the body can express feelings, free up unwanted energies and prevents new tensions.

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Anne Grundelsgården has published the book "Creative Dance in mindfulness - what actually happens".
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Fastest way to calm the mind is to move your body - regardless of age and gender