What is Liberating dance?

It is your own way of dancing –free movements in mindfulness.
– A tool for personal growth. – a meditation in movement.

You move your body with free movements, focusing with your full awareness on what is happening inside of you while moving. You follow all impulses and signals that your body gives you as you surrender into your own dance. No effort. You open up to the intelligence of your body and to the joy that is the essence of life.

In the dance you release stress, tensions and other energy-blockages that are separating you from joy. Your dance quiets the mind.

The body is longing to move and it has infinite possibilities to do so. In every day life, though, we tend to keep ourselves within tight limits: We sit in front of the television, in the car and at the bus. Most often our work does not allow free movement

In the Liberating dance we listen within, and find new and playful ways to move our bodies. We close our eyes, or keep them half open, to bar the world around us and keep the focus within ourselves. We allow the body to express the different moods, emotions and pictures that are stored within.
There are no demands on how to dance. No fixed steps. We let go of expectations and inhibitions that stop the body’s natural longing to move, and we invite the music from different cultures and ages to inspire us.

The force of habits
The body remembers. It holds experiences that have affected us deeply, but that we have forgotten or repressed –like emotions we haven’t faced, such as grief, disappointment, rage, envy, stress, etc.
As a rule we carry emotions and experiences with us for a long time. They are in the body, in the muscles and the organs – even in the skeleton. Old emotions can create pain, tensions and blockages.
As the body has a limited movement pattern, so do thoughts. Bad habits limit the possibility to be free and agile.

Strengthen self-esteem
While dancing we move in new ways and open up the flow of energy through the body. Blocked, “sleeping” energy will start to move again. What happens next is individual, but here are a few examples.
•    Mindful movements strengthen the self-esteem and the awareness about the body. You feel sensual and free.
•    Thoughts are more clear and you learn how to set boundaries.
•    You loose your inhibitions and begin to shine.
•    Your creativity awakens and strengthens your power to act and your joy of living.
•    You feel closer to your emotions and allow yourself to express your feelings. That will make you feel more alive and function better at work as well as at your spare time.

Transforming emotions
You can dance, no matter what your physical condition is. Even if you feel stiff-legged and rigid you can dance. You will not force yourself to pain while dancing, but practice to transcend personal limitations. You massage sore areas with instinctive movements, and by doing so you massage your inner self as well.
With Liberating dance you can transform your emotions. Next time you feel angry or frustrated, put on some music and dance your emotions. After a while you will feel different. Relieved. – Happy, and in your power again.
As you express emotions through your body, blocked energies will be relieved and you prevent new tensions to arise.

Strengthened self-esteem
In my workshops I give comprehensive guidance to inspire movement. We space the dancing with relaxation, visualization and communicative practices that reflect on the theme of the workshop.
The first step for improved self-esteem and personal growth requires accepting yourself the way you are. By doing that your own capacity will be released and you will find the strength to be more fully yourself.
Many of the attendees of my work shops feel a resistance to move at all, but have a longing to overcome that.
Others come because they really love to move, but seldom do so. We come as we are and inspire each other.
The fastest way to calm our senses is to move the body – no matter what age or gender.

Leadership training
I educate students in how to guide groups in Liberating dance. If you want more information about the Liberating Dance Academy or open work shops please contact me:

tel: +46(0) 225 803 80
mobile: +46(0) 707 530 380
e-mail: anne.grundel@fridans.nu

Welcome to dance!

Anne Grundel