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Carina Gyllerfelt

Carina Gyllerfelt, educator in kindergarten and Dance inspiration Dance I came in contact with the 15 years ago. It means presence and wholeness and a way for me to find home. I work with dance projects in preschool. I have been an assistant at Anne courses and organizes the summer course on Mundekulla Training Center in Småland. I live in Bergkvara

Kicki Nordström, physiotherapist

Kicki Nordström, Physical therapist Creative Dance has become an important working tool for me as a physiotherapist(physiotherapist). I meet patients every day with chronic pain and stress problems. My master's program in physical therapy consisted of a qualitative study where we interviewed the patients with chronic pain who has received a Creative Dance as a therapy group. The result of the study was to Release

Sara Riera

Sara Riera, leg. midwife and nurse Trained dance inspiration 2008 by Anne Grundel. Have experience of self-knowledge, yoga and meditation and also works as a midwife. Sara has an inspiring presence and security that is spreading in the group. "I have danced and found joy in the dance as long as I can remember. Dancing is for me the presence of

Mimmi Tollerup

I met Anne and the Release Dance Too Soon 20 years ago and felt that I had "come home" I work as a children's book illustrator and artist and the last 10 years even as Creative Dance inspiration. I have assisted on both courses and many public courses. As an assistant, I follow the group process and supports participants in

Anne Grundel

Anne Grundel, dance inspiration then 1992 - Pioneer in Sweden. Anne is a teacher with many years of experience of releasing dance, meditation and wellness. She is also a trained journalist and teacher with many years of experience in both professional areas. 1993 Anne started Creative Dance Academy and developed the Release Dance combined with mindfulness. 1995 she started Leadership training