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Madeléne Blyckertz

Madeléne is an all-round artist with broad experience from several different industries. Whether she built boats, conjured up figures as an economist or met customers from all corners of the globe as project managers, so the dance has been included in one way or another. 2012 she came in contact with the Liberating Dance and felt that she had found home. 2014 leadership training was an obvious next step and since then she has shared her passion and guided many participants out on the dance floor and into the magical world of dance..

“There on the dance floor in the free movements, with the music and the rhythms flowing through my body, I felt more alive and free than I ever did. The whole body vibrated, the soul took a shot of joy and the brain seemed to stop. Rested. I was in love and knew I wanted to dance again, again and again. I have done this since then and feel that I have both come closer to myself, found a deeper inner contact, presence and a sense of sincerity and contentment in life.”

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Anne Grundel

Anne Grundel, dance inspiration then 1992 - Pioneer in Sweden.

Anne is a teacher with many years of experience of releasing dance, meditation and wellness. She is also a trained journalist and teacher with many years of experience in both professional areas.

1993 Anne started Creative Dance Academy and developed the Release Dance combined with mindfulness.
1995 she launched management training and graduates since then a group / year.

She is especially valued for its ability in groups to create a relaxed, permissive atmosphere that inspires heartfelt joy and creativity.

"Many people have asked over the years why I chose to call the dance of" liberating ". The answer is simple: The dance dissolves stored tension and inhibitions, and - the life energy is released.

The body may be stimulating exercise and the soul is salutary expression, providing a better health and a growing inner peace.
I feel great joy when students tell how the dance has enriched their lives by example, strengthening self-esteem, lower stress levels and better health. "